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Tāwharanui is a Te Nehenehenui centric dictionary, with kupu hou, phrases and idioms unique to Te Nehenehenui. Each word or phrase will give a definition, example and its origins. Just like the Tāwhara, which was a favourable food source to all who resided in the great forest of Te Nehenehenui. We invite you to share in this collection of kupu that are unique to our people.

If you have any words or phrases you would like to see on Tāwharanui, please email tereo@mfm.co.nz with the subject: Tāwharanui, and your suggestion. Please include a definition, example and origins of the words or phrases.


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Translation: Forest / Bush / Beautiful
Synonyms: Ngāhere / Ātaahua / Wawaiā
Titiro atu ki tēraka wahine nehenehe – Look at that beautiful lady.


Translation: Passionate
Synonyms: Ngākau-pūmau / Manawa-nui
He tangata ngākau-nui ki te whakaora I tōna reo māori – He/She is passionate in reviving the Māori language.

Translation: Youth
Synonyms: Taiohi / Rangatahi
Tukua te hunga ngarangara kia haere – Let the youth go.

Translation: Pissed-off / Disappointed / Nuisance
Synonyms: Hōhā
Kaua koe e ngawiti haere – Don’t be a nuisance.

Translation: Bruise
Synonyms: Marū / Mongamonga
Kia tūpato! Ka whara koe, ka ngonga – Be careful! If you hurt yourself, you will get bruised.